Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SilentAction for?

Everyone!.. People use SilentAction for many reasons, but most often for a combination of reasons. Common reasons include the following:

  • Online fundraising
  • Silent auction capabilities
  • Public relations
  • Social media buzz
  • SEO stratigies

Is there a cost?

Though there is no cost to sign up for SilentAction, to register a cause on SilentAction, or to start your Life-Line (Life Time Achievement Profile), there is a 2.9% + 30¢ transaction fee when a donation is made as well as a 5% platform fee. Although we would not want to charge a platform fee, there are IT and staff expenses for using an online fundraising platform. People who have used SilentAction have often felt that the efficiencies and effectiveness of SilentAction far outperformed the platform fee.

Platform fees cover the cost for the following expenses:

  • Platform servers
  • Bandwith
  • Programing
  • Development of leading edge features and enhancement
  • Accounting and customer service staff

How are funds dispersed?

Funds are dispersed in check form. When a campaign is ready to withdraw funds, a check is issued typically within a business day. Please allow normal postal time (3-5 days) to deliver your check.

Why check form? To help prevent abuse or misuse of SilentAction, all campaigns are transparent on where founds are mailed to and under what name the recipient will receive the funds. Check form helps with preventing fraud or abuse.

Do I have to reach my goal before funds are disbursement?

No. Balance of funds can be dispersed throughout the campaign’s life. Simply login to your account and follow the steps for initiating a disbursement.

Can donations exceed my goals?

Yes. Donations can continue to be collected for as long as the campaign is active. To disburse funds, simply login to your account and follow the steps for initiating a disbursement.

Can I creat a campaign for someone else?

Yes. SilentAction users often have a cause where donations will go to someone else. This is common with friends who identify a need for something or someone else. Funds are disbursed when the goal is met, or when administrative privileges request a disbursement.